Kohlrabi & Apple Salad with Elderflower & Mint Dressing

Kohlrabi-Apple-Mint-Salad-Elderflower-Dressing-1“Yarrrrowlgrrrr~!” That’s tummy-speak for: “It’s seriously time for a change in seasons in the kitchen!” Much to hubby’s and my own tummies’ dismay, mother nature doesn’t seem to have read the memo yet. Well, actually, the winter-(food)-blues isn’t all that bad just yet, but the idea of Spring, fresh veggies, berries and, most of all, our regions fresh asparagus is starting to dig serious roots into our subconscious these days.

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Creamy Tangerine & Yoghurt-Marzipan Dessert

Creamy-Tangerine-Yoghurt-Marzipan-Dessert-4All right, now that the Siberian cold snap that dropped by for a surprise visit last week is finally easing up on the pressure again, temperatures and the current color scheme of the great outdoors are giving off distinct signs of Spring slowly nosing its way in.

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