GW2 Schiacciata all’Uva

Schiaciatta-all'uva-4Oh, the joy of revisiting long-forgotten nooks and crannies on the Tyrian map~! There’s always something delicious to be found where you least expect it! As I was whirling around, trying to catch up on some quests and treasure hunts stowed away on the back burners for the summer, I came across a couple of Ogres tending to and very enthusiastically defending their little vineyard. Of course, my little Asura snuck a couple of grapes and went her merry way, while my less-digital self in front of the screen started thinking about grapes and the kitchen-related possibilities having a bunch of grapes in the house would open up…

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Lemony Poppy Seed Chocolates

Lemony-Poppy-Seed-Chocolates-1You know that kind of overdimensional lightbulb, that pops above your head without introductions, zapping a long forgotten memory back to life in your headspace? Well, I’ve recently had one of those lightbulb-moments, a particularly irritating one, that is. You see, I’ve been making these little sweets for many years now, tucking a load of them into almost every batch of my summer chocolate boxes and, as the years went by, I had forgotten all about the reason why I had experimented them up in the first place…

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GW2 Raspberry-Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie

Raspberry-Chocolate-Cheesecake-Brownie-2Very recently, on a seriously uncomfy hot and humid day of all inconvenient times, one of those off-the-rails cravings decided to settle in the tummy-area of my head. Much like the bewildering urge to have a bowl of ice cream in the dead of winter, my once-or-twice-a-year “Cake! Now!” hellspawn waltzed in and demanded immediate attention when I least expected it.

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Buttermilk Panna Cotta & Honeyed Fig Sauce

Fig-Panna-Cotta-2I’ve just spent a fantastic afternoon sitting in one of our city’s pretty parks, switching between bookworming and watching a show no TV or Big Screen could have competed with. By some lucky coincidence, I’d picked a spot near a herb garden for today’s outdoor-reading session, and the bees busying themselves with the overflowing array of fragrant blossoms did a spectacular job at distracting me from the masterful deductions of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

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GW2 Gelatinous Ooze Custard or: Amarula Crème Brûlée

Amarula-Creme-Brulee-2Well, what can I say… Of course I couldn’t help but pinch up my face at the discovery of this particular recipe in Inspector Hrouda’s shop, especially after having put quite a dent into the surrounding area’s Ooze population prior to visiting her. About a nanosecond later though, my questioning my fellow Asuran’s sense of taste was cut short – the only possible, non-threatening and in no way cringe-in-disgust-worthy real-world counterpart popped into my head and basically short-circuited my sweet-sins defense mechanisms.

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Spiced Pear Parfait

spiced-pear-parfait-6Ugh, February has come to an end at unseasonably warm temperatures, much to the delight of the carnival-revelers and much to my season-confusion-induced dismay. This year’s first bee buzzed by my window today, for crying out loud… anyways, the rising temperatures piqued my tummies’ interest in ice cream, but with nothing along the lines of berries – or anything else remotely close to the “summer” aromas I was looking for, for that matter – available yet, I had to rummage through my head and fridge for a bit to mentally bridge the gap between a summery icy delight and the MIA winter weather.

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