River Crab, Thyme & Pear Blini Bites

River-Crab-Pear-Blini-Bites-4Hiya guys~! Has it already been two weeks? For some reason, it seems like someone has hit the cosmic fast-forward button recently – as usual when there’s an absolutely wonderful vacation involved. The last two weeks have been an absolutely delightful mixture of showstopping views, runner’s-high-causing hikes through seven different microclimates crammed onto one little island and seriously good food amongst a lot of other things – I would run out of superlatives describing them all.

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Off The Grid~

It’s time! Tomorrow morning, hubby and I will finally hop on a plane and return to Madeira~! As I’ve mentioned before, this beautiful dot in the Atlantic ocean started to pull us back immediately upon take-off from Funchal airport last year, making the decision in favor of a return-trip a very easy one indeed. Since we’ve enjoyed our last trip so much, we decided to stay on the Island of Eternal Spring, our happy-place, for two weeks, rather than just one. Two weeks to tackle the – probably impossible – task of tying up the loose exploration-threads we left behind last year, to unearth more of the islands countless hidden gems and to do our best to soak up as much of Madeira – the island as well as the wine, of course! – as we can. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’ll be busy hiking, exploring, watching hubby’s antics with his new camera equip, eating and, in general, enjoying one of mother nature’s masterpieces to its full extent for the next two weeks – too busy to be cooking and writing up a storm for you guys~ Of course, I’ll also be collecting new kitchen-related ideas, to make this two-week break from kitchen- and blog-work worth the wait for you guys, too~!

We’ll be back on the 25th, so the next post is coming your way on the 27th, usual place, usual time~! Until then, to tickle your tastebuds while I’m away, here are some of the dishes last year’s getaway to the “Pearl of the Atlantic Ocean” inspired me to make~

Passionfruit-glazed Tuna Sashimi & Spicy Avocado Bites
Stuffed Duck Breast, Chestnuts and Sour Cherry Chutney
Nougat Mousse & Madeira Cherry Compote
…and my Passionfruit-Infused Balsamic Vinegar in this collection of recipes~

And off we go~! See you guys in two weeks!


GW2 Schiacciata all’Uva

Schiaciatta-all'uva-4Oh, the joy of revisiting long-forgotten nooks and crannies on the Tyrian map~! There’s always something delicious to be found where you least expect it! As I was whirling around, trying to catch up on some quests and treasure hunts stowed away on the back burners for the summer, I came across a couple of Ogres tending to and very enthusiastically defending their little vineyard. Of course, my little Asura snuck a couple of grapes and went her merry way, while my less-digital self in front of the screen started thinking about grapes and the kitchen-related possibilities having a bunch of grapes in the house would open up…

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