Lemon & Thyme Scented English Muffins

Lemon-Thyme-English-Muffins-4Is there a better, gentler, or more mood-lifting way to be nudged to awareness after a good night’s sleep than by having fragrant wisps of freshly baked bread playing around your nose, throwing out a delicious lure and drawing you kitchen-ward? I know, I can’t stay in bed for long with that kind of incentive to get up~!

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GW2 Gelatinous Ooze Custard or: Amarula Crème Brûlée

Amarula-Creme-Brulee-2Well, what can I say… Of course I couldn’t help but pinch up my face at the discovery of this particular recipe in Inspector Hrouda’s shop, especially after having put quite a dent into the surrounding area’s Ooze population prior to visiting her. About a nanosecond later though, my questioning my fellow Asuran’s sense of taste was cut short – the only possible, non-threatening and in no way cringe-in-disgust-worthy real-world counterpart popped into my head and basically short-circuited my sweet-sins defense mechanisms.

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Warm Mung Bean Sprout Salad with Purple Cauliflower and Coconut-Leek Dressing

Beansprout-Salad-Coconut-Leek-Dressing-1As we were returning back home from our short winter escape to Sylt, basically crossing the country in a vertical line of about 800km, the progress of Spring nosing its way in couldn’t have been more obvious. The further south we got, the – for lack of a better word – juicier the landscape appeared to get. What started with miniature yarnballs stalking their equally fluffy mommy-yarnballs and merrily playing sheep-catch between blossoming heather shrubs in the northern regions, quickly turned into foresty areas sporting a first hint of green, violently colorful patches of crocus breaking up the still-dominant dullish brown here and there and, of course, the… well, juicy brown of freshly turned soil on the fields.

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GW2 Coq Au Riesling

Coq-au-Riesling-3Every so often, the simplest ideas presented to me by the Tyrian Chef’s Guild send me way, way back in time in my headspace. This time, a seemingly nondescript dish, a Poultry and Winter Vegetable Soup, reminded me of a certain dish I haven’t cooked up in years for… well, no apparent reason, really. This dish has been a well-loved, classic winter dish in our family ever since I can remember.

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Winter-Island Mussels

Winter-Island-Mussels-2Right now, I’m sitting at a small coffee-table in a cute little house peeking out from under a comfy reed-cap, listening to the crashing storm-chased waves of the North Sea rolling in just behind the dam. The time for our traditional winter-vacay on Germany’s northernmost island, Sylt, has arrived. When my parents started heading out this way in the dead of winter on a regular basis, I honestly thought something else was going on – secret trips to the Caribbean came to mind – because… who in their right mind would travel to the main land’s icy-sea-storm-barrier at that time of the year? Right…?

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GW2 Roasted Tomato Soup & Crispy Tomato Balls

roasted-tomato-and-garlic-soup-and-crispy-tomato-balls-4It took me a while, but I finally managed to twist and tweak another classic dish to my liking! You might wonder how a menace to the world’s tomato population like me can sidestep the issue of a simple tomato soup for years… well, after quite a number of… not bad, but unsatisfying bowls and recipes, I had almost given up on the idea. Basically, one half would have worked better as a tomato sauce and the other half needed a stomach-turning amount of cream or butter to loose the air of a sauce and turn “creamy”.

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Spiced Pear Parfait

spiced-pear-parfait-6Ugh, February has come to an end at unseasonably warm temperatures, much to the delight of the carnival-revelers and much to my season-confusion-induced dismay. This year’s first bee buzzed by my window today, for crying out loud… anyways, the rising temperatures piqued my tummies’ interest in ice cream, but with nothing along the lines of berries – or anything else remotely close to the “summer” aromas I was looking for, for that matter – available yet, I had to rummage through my head and fridge for a bit to mentally bridge the gap between a summery icy delight and the MIA winter weather.

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GW2 Spanish Chorizo Tortilla

spanish-chorizo-tortilla-1As I’ve mentioned in Wednesday’s Passionfruit-Glazed Tuna & Avocado Bites post, I’m currently struggling to keep my travel-bug – it’s screaming for someone to hit the giant fast-forward button at the top of its lungs – under control by actually feeding it memories and tidbits from previous adventures. Plus, I’m starting to tire of the wintery kind of food, so bringing a bit of Catalonian Summer to our Sunday Breakfast table seemed like a really good idea.

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Passionfruit-Glazed Tuna Sashimi & Spicy Avocado Bites

passionfruit-glazed-tuna-sashimi-spicy-avocado-bites-1I just had an ama~zing weekend! I’ve spent a good part of 3 days in the kitchen on a wicked inspiration-rush and emerged victorious, 5 new and absolutely delicious recipe hammered out for you guys – and that’s not even the really amazing part of it! Hubby and I had a long-overdue sit-down with our trusted travel agent this Saturday and booked our vacations for the year! Aaaand four days later, I’m still yay’ing in my head… an end to the joyous rush appears to be nowhere in sight.

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GW2 Venison Fillets, Cowberry Sauce and Chestnut Gnocchi

venison-filet-chestnut-gnocchi-cowberry-sauce-5As usual, when there’s a new event, festival or chapter of the living story sending the adventuring lives of Tyia’s citizens spinning, hubby and I all but lock ourselves in and enjoy a proper gaming-spree. Our adventures through “A Crack in the Ice” however was rudely interrupted by me running off like a headless chicken, sent on a delicious mission by the Winterberry Bushes dotting the Bitterfrost Frontier and the related “Steak and Winterberry” recipe a friendly Quaggan sold us to go right with the freshly harvested berries.

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