GW2 Chocolate-Omnomberry Tarte

Chocolate-Cranberry-Tarte-1From time to time, running around the Trader’s Forum in Lion’s Arch can be lethal. Lethal to dinner plans, that is. On my way to the Trading Post nearby, a lonely banquet table, filled with Chocolate-Omnomberry Cakes caught my eye… and wouldn’t let go. Of course, for once, a sweet, chocolate’y treat was exactly what I was craving at that moment, damned be the beef-related results of my shopping trip earlier that day!

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Lamb’s Lettuce, Persimmon & Harzer Cheese Salad

Lambs-Lettuce-Kaki-Harzer-Salad-4Over here, you know winter is com… no…. edging closer! when fresh, plump and pretty-in-orange things are popping up in the fruit section of stores and markets left, right and center. One of my favorites in that area, running a close second to tangerines, are Persimmon fruit, also known as Kaki. While they’re just as orange as any of their display-neighbors, they’re the odd one out, not a member of the citrus or pumpkin gang. Kaki or Persimmon are the fruit of the “Dyospyros Kaki”-tree, so, going by their scientific name, they’re actually the Fruit of the Gods. How’s that for a humble salad topping~!

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GW2 Bacon, Date and Walnut Stuffed Duck & Blood Orange Pearl Barley Risotto

Bacon-Date-Walnut-Stuffed-Duck-and-Blood-Orange-Barley-Risotto-5Here we go again~! Another one of those Tyrian recipes that instantly make one of this side’s culinary world’s most classic dishes pop up in my head… Canard à L’Orange. Well, usually I’d jump at the chance to follow the rules for once, but I tried this one at home and at various restaurants time and time again, just to be disappointed… for some reason the Duck-Sauce-Potato’y Side-Combo never got better – not that it’s a bad dish in itself, mind you, the classic composition just turned out not to be my cup of tea after all.

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Maple Glazed Veal Chops, Rosemary Peaches & Chestnut-Apricot Purée

Veal-Chops-Rosemary-Peaches-Apricot-Chestnut-Puree-3Now, this is what happens when I set my mind to cooking up a storm on one of those days – when I can’t put a finger on what I actually want to eat, feeling like having seafood, hot chocolate and everything in between, and all that at the same time, if you please! Sometimes that kind of mood results in me shutting down the kitchen for the day in protest, sometimes it makes me pull out all sorts of ideas and go wild in the kitchen in an attempt to satisfy all cravings at once.

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GW2 Jalapeno Hummus & Tomato Flatbreads

Jalapeno-Hummus-and-Tomato-Flatbreads-5As autumn is making itsself at home around these parts, the outdoors’y evening activities are getting rarer and, thanks to that, the time spent in front of our screens grows longer. Being parked at the desk for a comfy nighttime gaming-spree calls for a special type of dinner, a non-fussy and non-messy type that doesn’t need much in the cutlery-department and poses a low hazard for keyboards and screens and, most importantly, a type leaving behind leftovers that can double as a snack later that night, should excessive adventures in Tyria speed up time up to midnight-cravings’o’clock in the blink of an eye… as usual~

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Blackberry Mousse

Blackberry-Mousse-4As you can imagine, learning your way around the vast and amazing world of desserts as a calory counting student with a miniature kitchen and without an oven to slowly ease into to the show with pastries, cakes and the likes, can turn into an infuriatingly hard and frustrating endeavor very quickly. Of course, making ice creams and chocolates hasn’t gotten old, at least not to me, over all those years, but at some point down the line I just had to do something new to wow my dinner crowd.

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GW2 Creamy Mushroom Soup

Creamy-Mushroom-Soup-3Coming back home from a heavenly vacation is never easy I suppose, but this time was exceptionally nasty. We boarded our airplane on Madeira at comfy, sunny temperatures around 28°C just to be rudely dumped into the 9°C nighttime ick of Frankfurt Airport. After a week of absence, our appartment was bonechillingly cold as well, of course, so we took the chance – after we had avoided to have both PCs running for a longer period of time during the summer in order to avoid major heatstrokes – for one hell of a content crawl through the new chapters of the GW2 living story.

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Cedri Lemon Special Part #2 – Lemon Carpaccio & Spiced Lamb Chops


Cedri-Carpaccio-and-Spiced-Lamb-2We’re back from our trip to the little piece of heaven on earth that is Madeira~! We’ve just returned last night, so I still need a bit of time to get my feet back on the ground and sift through the mountain of pictures hubby and I took – prepare for some scenery shots of showstopping proportions and, of course, some dinner-time yum-shots in the near future.
Now, as promised, here’s Part #2 of my Cedri Lemon Experiment~

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