Roasted Pear & Camembert Cigars with Lamb’s Lettuce & Apple-Elderflower Dressing

Camembert-Cigar-Salad-Apple-Elderberry-Dressing-2While I really enjoy relishing in the seasonal ingredients, I can’t help but feel a break from all the earthy aromas of early winter is in order! That feeling recently got a lot stronger when I, yet again, was admiring the beautifully arranged display of various regional mushrooms at the farmer’s market and had absolutely no desire whatsoever to buy and eat a bunch of them.

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GW2 Blueberry Cookies

GW2 Blueberry Lemon Cookies 4As cold and gray november, giving his best to make us stay indoors, continues on, I get the distinct feeling that something to remind us of warmer, friendlier days is in order… A while back I found an unexplained Blueberry Cookie in my mailbox back in Tyria, sent to me by a Guild mate who, as I’ve found out by now, was going through the motions of unlocking and collecting any and all recipes for his Cooking Station. Now, there’s a bright, light, fluffy and yummy idea~!

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Forest Soup – Chestnuts, Mushrooms and Chocolate

Chestnut-Mushroom Soup 5
You know, late autumn or early winter have their good sides, too. Sure, November over here is the textbook version of any and all November-related stereotypes from hell, a time during which you might just consider hoofing through the next best desert just to keep yourself from crawling under your bed in an attempt to hibernate through all of the gray, depressing yuck outside.

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Ostrich Steaks, Pomegranate-Shallot Reduction & Warm Mushroom Salad

Ostrich-Steaks-Warm-Mushroom-Salad-1As my november’ly share of the flu is slowly fading, my poor nose turned-glow-in-the-dark finally isn’t visible from out of space anymore and my tastebuds are picking up their work again, I think the right time has come to kickstart my system as well as my kitchen with something healthy and quick to make, something seasonal and packed with enough aromas to bring back the last stubborn tastebuds from their goo-induced slumber.

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GW2 Meat and Winter Vegetable Stew or: Spicy Beef & Fennel Curry

Beef-and-Fennel-Curry-1I was so waiting for a chance to share this one with you guys! This was one of the first handful of GW2-inspired dishes I cooked up a few years back, and one of the first times I intentionally used the Guild’s recipe list as a source of information and inspiration. Well, it seems, the time to pull this one out of my hat has come! Finding myself flat on my back with a nasty case of the flu brought back vivid memories of a very similar situation a few years back, when this recipe came to life for the first time.

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Chocolate-Walnut Fudge

Chocolate-Walnut-Fudge-1Looking out of the window leaves no doubt about early winter having arrived with it’s claws and icy teeth out. In my kitchen, at least when it comes to sweets, this simple fact translates into: the time for the heavyweights in the chocolate’y business has arrived~! Dark chocolate, “warm” spices like cinnamon and allspice, nuts, dried berries, maybe a little bit of liqueur, orange’y hints… that sort of comforting taste that makes you lean back and stick out your tongue at the cold and gray november ick outside, satisfied grin on your face.

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GW2 Pumpkin-Orange Soup & Pumpkin Pesto

Pumpkin-Orange-Soup-and-Pumpkin-Pesto-4Another year, another visit by the Mad King and his sugary minions, his bad jokes and endless heaps of pumpkins. As usual, whenever it’s festival time in Tyria, hubby and I spent several long weekends in front of our screens, enjoying the Tyrian way of party’ing. Now, if you’ve had a peek at this week’s Midweek Special, you might have noticed me saying something along the lines of “Ew, pumpkins.” Well, after hours and hours of hacking, carving and slaying though what seemed like Tyria’s entire pumpkin population to honor Mad King Thorn, I couldn’t help but wonder where all those nicely carved pumpkins would go after the festival.

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Scallops, Spiced Quince Preserves, Curried Pumpkin Purée & Crispy Pumpernickel Bites

Scallops-Curry-Pumpkin-Puree-Spiced-Quinces-and-Pumpernickel-4I think I’ve mentioned this before, but coming up with the kind of intricate dessert – the ones that make you gawk at them in awe, quivering spoon in hand, at a ponzy restaurant – is, thanks to my not-that-sweet tooth, quite the challenge – which I happily accept every time, what with me trying my best to grow in the kitchen and all that jazz.

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