Fillet of Lamb, Herb Crêpes & Cassis Sauce


Some of you guys might be familiar with that awkward moment when you realize you’ve known someone close to you way too long to be coming up with ingenious ideas for birthday and/or holiday presents year after year. My mother has been expertly sailing around those shallows by giving me a wonderful foodie-bundle of a bottle of wine and piece of meat complimenting eachother perfectly for my birthday the last couple of years.

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GW2 Salted Butter and Arabian Coffee Spice Caramels

IMG_1790After being reminded of the consequences (cleaning up the last remaining chocolate and caramel droplets from all available surfaces of my kitchen and … how the hell did it get up there? … with a nasty burn from the last drop of caramel I scraped out of the pan onto my hand really, really bites) of my sweets and chocolates marathon during the last couple of days in order to finish all the easter chocolates boxes, I decided to venture outside my planned order and post another treat off the easter menu. So here’s the Easter Eggstravaganza, Part 2!

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GW2 Pesto Pasta Salad

IMG_1232I’m not too big a fan of pasta. To be exact, I eat pasta about one or two times a year at most. So I usually make a big deal out of it, fancy fillings and sauces and all that jazz. However, on my grocery shopping trip today the aroma of the potted basil arranged conveniently at the entrance to the store (I hate being marketing’ed…) was so intense, I couldn’t help but think PESTO at the top of my inner lungs.

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King Prawns and Mustard-Melon Dip

Melon Prawns 2As promised, no wall of text this time~ This is a real quick-fix recipe and – if you like prawns of course – fits into every role/course you need it to be in. Well, maybe it doesn’t work as a dessert…

It’s a somewhat „guilty pleasure“ I make for myself, whenever I’m not at risk of recieving withering stares for the pan-fried seafood smell in the kitchen.

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GW2 Cherry Vanilla Compote, Yoghurt Panna Cotta and Almond Brittle

Yoghurt Panna Cotta & Cherry Compote 3I made this one on one of those days – one glance out of the window and the only thing that came to mind was „ick“. Again. It’s been grey on grey for weeks, so I really needed some sort of a happy place – a happy plate to be more accurate. 


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Harissa-Lemon Chicken and Couscous Salad or How it all began


Harissa Chicken 5Time for another little trip down memory lane! After I told you guys what inspired me to go tyrian in my kitchen from time to time, I thought starting with the first real thing I ever cooked up, the why of me spending so much time in the kitchen at all, would be a nice opener for my Midweek Special category. Fortunately the recipe for the salad has also been requested several times, so yay for hitting two birds with one stone.

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GW2 Orrian Steak Frittes or How it all began


I thought about which GW2 inspired recipe would be best to open this category with for a bit and decided it’d be best if I just started at the beginning. This was the first dish off the Tyrian menu I’ve intentionally recreated this side of the screen. One small step for an asuran necromancer, one giant leap into this project.

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Welcome to Nahdala’s Kitchen!

Hi everyone!

My name is Diana, a.k.a Nahdala in several online/virtual worlds. Welcome to my kitchen! I’m one nut short of a fruitcake about two of my favourite things to do – cooking and gaming, so in this kitchen of mine I don’t just cook up a storm every once in a while, I actually get to combine those two – and I’m not talking about having my computer set up in my kitchen.

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