Mango – Passionfruit Sorbet

Mango-Passionfruit-Sorbet-1I guess Summer’s little lovetap last month made her feel like round two – it looks like, in the last couple of weeks of picture perfect June/July weather, she’s been gathering up her oomph for a serious hit. Holy smokes. Literally. I know, I opened the last post with a similar message, but this time – instead of 2 days of blistering heat – we’re watching an open-ended “record heatwave” with temperatures of more than 40°C rolling towards us. I sincerely hope our jolly weather experts are merely promoting the “worst case” scenario and well… not much else anyone can do.

Hide in the basement? Debatable. Make sure the fans and/or ACs are in working condition? Probably. Stock up on sunscreen, cold drinks and watermelons… definitely. And make sure the freezer is all but bursting with delicious little refreshments! Ooooh yeah! There had to be something good about this, right? Here’s a super quick and easy sorbet recipe that should get you through the hottest days of the year – my healthy, zingy Mango & Passion fruit Sorbet.


The Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet
75g Honey
25g Fine Baking Sugar
3 Limes, Zest of 2, Juice of 3
350g Mango – depending on their (and their pits’) size, that’s usually 2-3 fresh mangoes
10-12 Ripe Passionfruits / Maracujas – in the end, you’ll need 150 ml fruit pulp.
2 Tbsp Passionfruit Syrup – a closer look at the baking goods or well-sorted drinks section of your nearest supermarket should do the trick
1 Pinch of Salt
Mango wedges, more passionfruits and mint or lemon balm leaves to serve

1) Today, I’ll start with several side notes you may want to consider before getting started on the sorbet mission, short as it may be. So, replacing the usual Step 1), here’s note 1-3~
Note 1:
For a 5min-superhero-speed-sorbet, use frozen mangoes and give them just a few blinks to start thawing – set your blender to the crushed ice or smoothie program and let rip. If it’s too smooth to qualify as spoonable sorbet, transfer the slushie into a freezerproof container and pop it into the freezer for 15 mins. Weee~!
Note 2:
Poncha Sorbet! Add a few drops of rum extract or replace the lime juice with 4 tbsp of your favorite brown rum, set it on fire (to loose the booze) and violá~
Note 3:
Ice lolly moulds or little single-portion bowls / former yoghurt containers work perfectly for this one since this doesn’t quite freeze though like other sorbets. Huzzah for honey! Huzzah for limes!
2) Peel the mangoes and cut them into cubes.
3) Cut the passion fruit in halves and scrape out the pulp into a blender. Blend it for just a few seconds to separate the seeds from the pulp a little, then pass the puree through a sieve to remove the seeds.
4) Measure off 150 ml of the passionfruit puree – pour the leftovers in a glass and fill up with your favorite bubbly or sparkling water. Cheers!
5) Add the insides of one more maracuja, seeds and all, to the mix and give the lot a good stir to combine. Unless you really mind the seeds, that is.
6) Blend the mangoes, lime juice, honey, sugar and the passion fruit syrup into a smooth puree.
7) Transfer the mixture into a wide freezer-proof container and freeze it for at least 6 hours.
8) If you want it really, really smooth, use a high-rimmed container – During the first 2 hours you will have to blend the mix with a stick blender – hence the high container – every 30 minutes; then 2 more times after the third and fourth hour of freezing. If your blender jar is freeze-proof you can just keep it in there for the freeze-and-blend-routine and skip the stick blender part. Check the texture after the fifth hour, if it’s still too grainy, blend it once more, it should be done though. Let it set for 2 hours.
9) If you’re happy with simply waiting 5 mins before having at it with a spoon, skip that load or have a look at Note 3 above for the extra-smooth-sailing hint~
10) If you’re one of the lucky ones with an ice cream maker, let it do its work for 30 minutes and freeze it for another 60 minutes afterwards.


Happy Heatwave~!

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