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Hiya Folks ♥

It’s time! Time for hubby and me to go on vacation~ Starting tomorrow, we will spend a whole week enjoying ourselves on the beautiful island of Madeira, taking in as much of the stunning landscapes, rich history and delicious portugese food as we can possibly manage! So, for once, I will not be adding new recipes on wednesday and the following sunday – time for you guys to catch up and mentally prepare yourselves for the – hopefully…? most likely! – bulging bags of new ideas I will be bringing back home with me~

So, no worries if you don’t see something new pop up here until Oct. 5th – I will be back~!

If, however, you don’t see my Cedri-Lemon Special Part #2 pop up around the usual time… Did you know that the Madeiran Airport is one of the favourite Worst Case Scenarios during Simulator Flight Training for airlines all across the globe? *gulp* No, no. No! I love to fly and a nightmarish runway on stilts cozying up to a huge cliff will not give me the creeps! Huzzah!

See you soon~!


GW2 White Chocolate Chip & Cranberry Cookies

White-Chocolate-Chip-Cranberry-Cookies-5As you can imagine, limited access to something calls for a to-do list, allowing for a somewhat organized pounce on the rare occasion. In my case, that „something“ is, of course, an oven, and of course I have a to-do list slowly growing to the length of Gandalf’s beard. Honestly, at some point, I’m going to buy a kitchen… and build a hourse around it. Anyways, a large chunk of the items on said to-do list has been added to it by the Tyrian Chef’s Guild – from savoury casseroles all the way down to soufflés, there’s just so~oo many oven-yummies waiting to be brought to this side of the screen~!

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Cedri Lemon Special Part #1 – Goat’s Cheese & Lemon Amuse Bouche

Goats-Cheese-and-Cedri-Lemon-Spoon-1On our usual Saturday trip to the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, I was over the moon as something really large, round’ish and pale yellow blinked at me from one of the large displays of beautyful produce. Since our summer this year, with the exception of 3 horrendously intense heatwaves of 2-3 days each, was cold and wet enough for most of our regional yumtastic mushrooms to start shooting up 2 months early, I half expected those pretty-in-yellow balls roughly the size of my head to be early quinces. Quinces are one of those seasonal things, like asparagus, I look forward to all year in a ticking-days-off-the-calendar-kind of way, I simply love them.

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GW2 Mushroom Burger, Griddled Tomatoes & Chilli Poppers

Mushroom-Burger-and-Chilli-Pepper-Poppers-3It’s mushroom season! Stores and markets around town are finally showing off wonderful displays of the huge variety of mushrooms growing in our forests this time of the year. After a couple of sneak-peeks into the matter, a handful of chanterelles as salad toppings here and there, just to name one, I decided to officially kick off mushroom season in my kitchen two or three weeks ago. With that idea in mind I purposefully hoofed to the next best farmers market to pick out some pretties for I-don’t-know-yet-but-there-will-be-mushrooms-in-it – just to pull out blanks as I was facing the somewhat overwhelming display of different options.

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Ras El Hanout Spiced Lamb & Artichoke-Fig Salad

Autumn is slowly approaching~! Not just according to the goods displayed on farmer’s markets and in stores, but in our tummies as well. Cravings for food and aromas of the „warmer“ variety are starting to build up after all the summery dishes we feasted upon for the last couple of months. Aromas bridging the gap between the spritzy and summery months in my kitchen to the truly warm and comforting winter dishes – combining a little bit of both, if you will.

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GW2 Cinnamon Crisps & Raspberry-Peach Granita


I’ve been eyeballing the Cinnamon Toast on the Tyrian menu for a long time, never too sure what to make of it – is it boring? Yummy? Do I want to eat one? Turn it into french toast? Does it have to be toast…? Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere~! Luckily I had a couple of sheets of filo pastry leftover from dinner the night before when I, once again, brushed past the Cinnamon Toast recipe in the list.

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Peanutbutter Cubes

Peanutbutter-Cubes-4Like I’ve told you guys already, I’m not really the sweets & junk food kind of girl, but there’s one thing, one oh-so insignificant product, I’m having my fair share of trouble to resist. A product that has been widely unavailable and unknown in these parts of the country during most of my early childhood, despite the masses of american soldiers still stationed here at the time – Peanutbutter.

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GW2 Roasted Beetroot Gazpacho

Roasted-Beetroot-Gazpacho-5Just a couple of months ago, when I was going through the Soup section of the Tyrian menu, I realized that, as much as I love beets, I’ve never, at least not that I’m aware of it, had them in a soup’ish kind of context before. Well that’s one blank that should be filled in sooner rather than later, if you like the pretty purple bulbs, don’t you think? I decided to start the beet’y soup experience with a light and summery gazpacho when, just a couple of days after making GW2-induced beet soup-related plans, the first heatwave of this year’s summer hit the mark, rather than to go with the creamy, soul-food’y recipe I had initially picked out.

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