Quince Soup with Crispy Chanterelle & Potato Topping

As the usual Christmas hubbub goes, it’s been a very… hearty, meaty and heavy weekend. So, inner vampire satisfied for the time being, I thought cooking up something along the vegetarian and light – yet comfy enough to fight off the bitter cold outside – lines would be the perfect thing to do to close off this fantastic kitchen-year.

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GW2 Chocolate-Cherry Truffles

20160326-chocolate-cherry-amaretto-truffles-1Chocolate and cherries are one of those winning teams in the culinary world – both in this world as well as in Tyria. When I first came across the Tyrian “Chocolate Cherry” on the Guild’s menu, my annual winter-chocolate-box related chocolate-and-butter-sticky-fest popped into my head without further ado. I couldn’t think around it to save my life at that point, so I decided to embrace the brainfreeze and, at some point, share one of my signature chocolates with you guys~

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Happy Holidays~

Happy holidays everyone~!

We live in a very open and culturally colorful society, so of course many of us celebrate the various winter holidays this time of the year in a different way. Despite their different names, dates and traditions, they all have one thing in common: they’re a reason to gather and celebrate with families and friends. In Tyria, this wonderful time of celebration and winter’y fun is appropriately called “Wintersday Festival”. All of this season’s joys, condensed into one simple name – ingenious simplicity, that.


Long speech short: celebrate life, eat well, be merry and enjoy the holidays to their full extent! I know, I will~
See you soon!

Hugs, kisses and cheers!



Winter Chocolate Box Special – Spiced Red Wine Truffles

spiced-wine-truffel-4As you might already know, I go through some sort of a chocolate-marathon twice a year – once as the Easter holidays are coming closer, once for the Christmas holidays. The results of these sticky days don’t just serve the purpose of bringing smiles to the faces of those receiving my chocolate boxes as presents for the gigs, they’re also the times I experiment around and come up with new creations fitting into the months ahead. This time of the year, of course, the contents of my chocolate boxes go along winter’y lines, inspired by the scents hanging in the air whenever I leave the house, thanks to the many, many christmas market stands, cafés and bakeries selling their festive goods out in the biting cold.

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GW2 Cold Wurm Stew – Wintery Chorizo Stew

chorizo-stew-2Oh yes! December, winter, a “real” one no less! Unlike the last couple of “winters” it’s cold and dry enough to actually justify the mere existence of hot spiced wine on a christmas market – and to make the prospect of a wonderfully aromatic and comforting stew waiting for you at home a really good reason to look forward to the end of the day.

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Nougat Mousse & Madeira-Cherry Compote

Nougat-Mousse-and-Madeira-Cherry-Compote-3All right, time for part two of my Madeira at Home experience – the last part, for now! Other yummy ideas, blurry or refined, I brought back home, captured in my infamous notebook, are better suited for the warmer months of the year~! This one was the result of the forgotten Ginja that kept haunting us like that one item you always forget on grocery trips and only remember once youre back home, stashing everything else away.

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GW2 Infused Vinegars

infused-balsamic-vinegar-1After my discovery of the one and lonely bottle of Vegetable Oil in my ingredients tab that led to last week’s Infused Oils, I couldn’t help but look further down the list to find… exactly one type of vinegar. Rice Vinegar, what a shame! A huge world of aromas limited to one kind… one with not much of a bouquet at that. I don’t think I could live with that on this side of the screen – while I only use about 3 different oils on a somewhat regular basis, my vinegar collection is a rather large one. I like that special zing here and there, what can I say~

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Madeiran Black Forest Duck & Sour Cherry Chutney

Chestnut-Stuffed-Duck-Breast-7You guys didn’t really think I’d go to a fantastic place like Madeira and come home empty-handed when it comes to food-related things! I know, it took a few weeks, but you can’t rush a delicious meal, or the recipes for it, right? Anyways, during the first couple of days on that wonderful island, I really thought I’d return without showstoppers in my recipe notebook – not because the food was bad, mind you, almost everything we had was absolutely delicious – but because the traditional Madeiran cuisine we indulged in is a very no-nonsense one.

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GW2 Infused Oils

infused-oilsMy favorite time of the winter months has arrived! On and off the screen, the weeks before Christmas are something I really look forward to. On screen, my favorite Tyrian festival of the year is due to arrive soon – that impulse to stare up into the skies and search for the Infinitarium… Wintersday really makes me feel like a little kid sometimes! – off the screen I’m having a blast filling gift boxes for everyone I know with homemade yummies straight from my kitchen. Lots of chocolates, of course, but other things like chutneys, spice blends, preserves and the like as well.

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