Veal, Vanilla Spinach and Sour Cherry Reduction

Veal-Vanilla-Spinach-Cherry-Sauce-3About 15 years ago the entire culinary world, so it seemed, was raving about a shiny oh-so-new and oh-so-trendy kitchen toy – the wok. A couple of weeks into the craze little teenage me went to the bookstore in search of a chinese or thai cookbook – if woks are all the rage all of a sudden, there have to be cookbooks covering any and all types of asian cuisine popping up left, right and center, right? Boy, was I wrong…

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GW2 Delicious Rice Balls

Arancini-3When I saw the Delicious Rice Balls during the Tyrian Lunar New Year’s Festival, all kinds of rice ball recipes were instantly going through my mind, Mochis, Onigiris and other types of mostly japanese treats. Way too many options to decide right away which one would be the best “Delicious Rice Ball” to cook up for this tyrian dish. When I made the risotto for last week’s post a couple of days later, I decided to put an end to the lottery ball machine bouncing rice balls through my head, go with my gut and turn the leftovers of the risotto into one of my favorite types of rice balls: Arancini.

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Mango Cream Dessert


You know that awful moment when you just can’t ignore your stomach growling at you anymore and you have to face the fact that, while you’re actually hungry, you’re just not in the mood for anything whatsoever? Believe me, the backwards-version of that is just as annoying and unsatisfying. While anything of the stereotype-bad-weather-food variety was backflipping in my head, my stomach also started backflipping since it evidently couldn’t agree with the whole hearty-and-warm shindig in my head at 7 a.m.

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GW2 Wild Mushroom Risotto

Wild-Mushroom-Risotto-3On today’s trip to the store I really needed inspiration. It was one of those days where you look out of the window at 11 am thinking it couldn’t possibly be past 8 am yet judging by the light. This resulted in an almost irresistible pull towards the comfyness of my bed and in a complete lack of ideas for dinner (other than: It has to be warm. And comforting. Could it even cook itsself?) and a seriously unmotivated zombie-shuffle to the store.

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Butter-Poached Venison, Camembert Truffles and Lamb’s Lettuce with Walnut Vinaigrette

Butter-Poached-Venison-Salad-2Every once in a while my grandaunt invites hubby and me to lunch. Last time we picked her up we found all of the streets in and out of town completely jammed – where did all those people come from in a time frame of about 15 minutes? Trying to circle back to her house we drove by a street sign flashing the name of a nearby town and I remembered a cute little restaurant, specializing in serving several types and cuts of meat on a hot stone, sitting nestled between the medieval city walls and the towns roman ruins.

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Raclette Trio: Bacon Jam, Tomato & Ginger Chutney, Grilled Pear Chutney


Aside from my chocolates I also got to collect a number of laurels for my dipping sauces, chutneys, pestos and other condiment-related things over the years. Usually I end up in the kitchen for hours every other weekend during BBQ or December Holiday season.

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GW2 Jerk Chicken, Leek Flatbreads and Pineapple Salad

IMG_1303Late last October ArenaNet finally released the long awaited expansion Heart of Thorns. Since there’s usually a couple of recipes released with every chapter of the living story or the various festivals, I should have known something was coming my way. I only took note of the recipes for sale in the new areas in passing though, firmly in the grips of the new chapters and all the wild, new things going on all over the place. Little. Kid. Locked. In. A. Candy. Store.


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