GW2 Red Curry Mussel Soup

red-curry-mussels-3Dear Chef’s Guild of Tyria,
Thank you, thank you, thank you~! Thanks to your recommendation, I ventured into the unknown, one of my favorite seafood’y ingredients in tow, and ended up with an entirely new tastebud-dancing, finger-licking, delicious experience~!
Nahdala Darkwind

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Creamy Kohlrabi & Fennel Soup with Blueberries and Goat’s Cheese

creamy-kohlrabi-and-blueberry-soup-5Every once in a while, I take some time to browse the menus of some Michellin-starred restaurants in the area – without any delusions of grandeur or urges to pay more for a dinner than a week’s vacation in a nice hotel on a remote island involved. The reason for this peek into these world-class kitchens is relatively simple: in recent years, a lot of those restaurants have made a habit of ditching the usual, descriptive menu in favor of a list of 2-3 main ingredients per course. An absolutely fabulous habit in my book, scrambling my neurons in exactly the right way!

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GW2 Crispy Chocolate Banana Puffs

GW2 Chocolate Banana 4Thanks to an idea the Tyrian Menu planted into my head, I recently decided to exorcise a childhood demon, a dark and stomach-curdling culinary specter straight from my personal nightmarish depths of badly-made-desserts-hell. Chocolate-Bananas. Whenever I skim over that one while browsing the recipe list at my Chef’s Station in Lion’s Arch, I can’t decide whether to shiver in delight or disgust. On some level I never forgot that chocolates and bananas are a wonderful match – the instinct to shy away from it used to have far more punch to it, flooring the flickering desire to give it a chance after all these years within a heartbeat.

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Mustard-Coconut Prawn and Persimmon Curry Bites

mustard-coconut-prawn-curry-bites-1Have you ever had that moment where you wish you could just share one of your favorite comfort dishes in a sophisticated, stylish manner, fit to wow a dinner crowd? I usually get that kind of If-only-I-could idea when I’m rotating around the kitchen, juggling three or more dishes, wishing I had remembered to pick at least one dish I can breeze through on auto-pilot. Well, during this past New Year’s Dinner prep-work, my tummy did a wonderful job of nudging me into the right direction~

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GW2 Polpette alla Fiorentina, Tyrian Style – or simply: Pasta & Meatballs

meatballs-and-pasta-1The Tyrian Chef’s Guild strikes again! Once more, the delicious library at my cooking station in Lion’s Arch compelled me to tackle a dish along the “Classic” lines~ I suppose this one sounds very familiar to… well everyone, the term “Meatball Spaghetti“ buzzing around in heads around the world on autopilot. Classic italian dish… right? Wait, what’s that… that rattling noise… Oh, yes, that’s a horde of Risen, italian chefs no less, aiming to hit you over the head with rusty frying pans without further ado.

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Venison Saltimbocca, Ume Plum and Chocolate Sauce & Savory Tiramisu

venison-saltimbocca-ume-and-chocolate-sauce-and-savory-tiramisu-1All right, time to crank up the heat~ I know the name of this dish might have a slightly absurd ring to it, but believe me, seemingly outrageous combination aside, the components work deliciously well together! A savory Tiramisu like this crossed my path for the first time during a school excursion some odd years ago. The combination with a slow-smoked-and-braised wild boar seemed so insane, I just had to try it… not just because a classmate dared me to order it and promised to pay for it if I cleared the plate!

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GW2 Mini Mushroom Pizzas

mini-mushroom-pizza-2You know, the Chef’s Guild has this, sometimes rather annoying, way to get under my skin in a slightly brainwash’y manner. That’s not really a bad thing, just really inconvenient at times – I suppose every foodie has a dish they can’t get out of their head to save their lives at times, though. Seeing all the tasty pizza recipes on the Tyrian menu has always bothered me in that way – sure, I usually go low-carb, low-fat and all that jazz, but even in a carefully monitored, healthy and balanced diet, there’s a time for everything, including a yummy, homemade – and still somewhat healthy! – pizza.

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Roasted Pear & Crispy Bacon Salad

Roasted-Pear-and-Bacon-Salad-4Happy New Year guys! I hope you had a wonderful and delicious set of holidays and feasts these past couple of weeks! You know, I had a plan. Quite the delicious one at that – a masterpiece to start off this year’s Midweek Specials for you guys. But… well, I’ve been up to my ears in food these last three weeks, and, after a quick glance around my peers, I realized, I wasn’t the only one still feeling kind of full. So, pushing the hard and heavy to a back burner, I decided to get rolling with a simple, refreshing and quick-to-make salad with a fruity twist.

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GW2 Eggs Beetletun & Ascalonian Salad

Eggs-Beetletun-and-Ascalonian-Salad-4Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a blast welcoming 2017~! If you had the kind of party we had, your tummy and your head might just feel a bit on the fuzzy side of things, just like mine do… I have to admit, I never had a “real”, movie’esque hangover, so I can’t give any educated expert advice on the usual hangover-foods, but as a general rule of thumb, listening to your stomach never hurts when something’s amiss. Doing exactly that with my head in the fridge resulted – to everyone’s surprise – in me whipping up an omelette, something I haven’t done in years.
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