A guide through my head…

…at least through the organized, blog related recipe section of it (I fear other parts might show similarities to an upended sock drawer and scare you guys off…) Here’s a little outline of my idea behind the order of my posts.

During prep for the blog I tried to get some sort of order into all the things I was asked for or wanted to share with you guys, not only to keep an eye on the bigger picture of things but also to prevent me from going lopsided on one or the other type of recipe. So I’ve sorted the recipes in each category into “Major” as in main dishes or more complicated preparations, “Minor” as in starters, snacks, salads or condiments, and “Sweet” as in..well, sweets.

I’ve arranged those types in a different order within the categories, so jumping between the worlds will provide different types of recipes in the process.

For now I will post Guild Wars 2 inspired recipes on Sunday evenings, which is one of the reasons for me to name the GW2 category “Weekends in Tyria”.  My usual recipes will make their appearance here on Wednesdays as “Nahdala’s Midweek Special”. Now, it’s not like I’m obsessively cooking big on wednesdays and sundays, but as a general rule of thumb I do actually try to spend some special time in the kitchen twice a week.

Anyways, enough with the manual, time to get down to business!



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