Off the Grid~

As you guys may have gathered already, what with the Madeira-inspired dishes piling up in the last couple of weeks, Hubby and I are going back for more. In only about two or three shakes of a lamb’s tail, a plane will take us from Frankfurt Airport to Funchal, Madeira for this year’s getaway to our personal little paradise on earth.

While I will not be working on recipes and the blog in general for that time, I’ll be researching and refining two bigger Madeira-related posts I’ve started outlining last year – one about how and where to eat the island and one about how and where to experience it to the fullest. I hope you guys will enjoy what comes out of the project, seeing as I’m not exactly a travel-blogger… yet~! Anyways, this time around I’ll actually be (somewhat) available – if the hotel’s wifi actually lets me in for more than 1min-intervals this time – so, in case you have questions, Madeira-related requests, tips or travel bugs in need of Hubby’s photography skills to satiate their hunger, let me know, I’ll see what I can do~!


Apart from that, starting tomorrow, I’ll be officially off the grid~! See you guys in two weeks!


3 thoughts on “Off the Grid~

    1. “Fabulous” doesn’t even begin to describe our getaway this year! Two weeks of absolutely mindblowingly, overwhemingly fantastic days in paradise, more like~! If you’ve been enjoying yourself around these parts as well, you’re probably familiar with the backwards-sort-of-homesickness I’m haunted by right about now *sigh* Time to get into Portugese cuisine to cure the travel bug a bit 😀

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