Boar Bourginion with Quinces and Chestnuts

boar-bourginion-quinces-chestnuts-3As you guys may have already gathered from my general step-back from most things in the “sweets” department, sweet wines aren’t exactly my cup of… well, glass of wine I suppose! either. But, with the winter festivities not that far behind us, of course there are still some remnants and strays lingering around my pantry. Like, for example, a bottle of semi-sweet Burgundy Pinot Noir Hubby’s Grandmother gave to us – according to her, her favorite late-night “Sip-let” before bed.

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Venison Steaks with Chestnut, Black Cherry & Chanterelle Ragout

Venison-Steaks-Chestnut-Cherry-Chanterelle-Ragout-1By now, you guys probably know my love for all things venison. Lean, healthy, extremely versatile and despite – or because of – the gamey aromas, absolutely yumtastic in combination with a large variety of fruit and nuts… what’s not to love about it~? I realize that, if you’re not living in a foresty region, any kind of wild game might be a rare and therefore expensive sight in your butcher’s display.

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GW2 Venison Fillets, Cowberry Sauce and Chestnut Gnocchi

venison-filet-chestnut-gnocchi-cowberry-sauce-5As usual, when there’s a new event, festival or chapter of the living story sending the adventuring lives of Tyia’s citizens spinning, hubby and I all but lock ourselves in and enjoy a proper gaming-spree. Our adventures through “A Crack in the Ice” however was rudely interrupted by me running off like a headless chicken, sent on a delicious mission by the Winterberry Bushes dotting the Bitterfrost Frontier and the related “Steak and Winterberry” recipe a friendly Quaggan sold us to go right with the freshly harvested berries.

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Venison Saltimbocca, Ume Plum and Chocolate Sauce & Savory Tiramisu

venison-saltimbocca-ume-and-chocolate-sauce-and-savory-tiramisu-1All right, time to crank up the heat~ I know the name of this dish might have a slightly absurd ring to it, but believe me, seemingly outrageous combination aside, the components work deliciously well together! A savory Tiramisu like this crossed my path for the first time during a school excursion some odd years ago. The combination with a slow-smoked-and-braised wild boar seemed so insane, I just had to try it… not just because a classmate dared me to order it and promised to pay for it if I cleared the plate!

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Butter-Poached Venison, Camembert Truffles and Lamb’s Lettuce with Walnut Vinaigrette

Butter-Poached-Venison-Salad-2Every once in a while my grandaunt invites hubby and me to lunch. Last time we picked her up we found all of the streets in and out of town completely jammed – where did all those people come from in a time frame of about 15 minutes? Trying to circle back to her house we drove by a street sign flashing the name of a nearby town and I remembered a cute little restaurant, specializing in serving several types and cuts of meat on a hot stone, sitting nestled between the medieval city walls and the towns roman ruins.

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