Wild Boar Burgers with Leeky Pear & Jalapeño Chutney

Wild-Boar-Burgers-Leeky-Pear-Jalapeño-Chutney-2And the summery Flavor Journey around the world on the hot and spicy side of things continues~ Today’s matchup: the forests and mountains of central Europe in one hand, the gem-studded chili shrubs of Mexico in the other… CLAP~!

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Venison Steaks with Black Salsify & Blueberry Salad

Venison-Steak-Black-Salsify-Blueberry-Salad-1You guys know I love our little weekly trips to the farmer’s market – and once more, I have a “Here’s Why” for you~ Amongst many other delicious little things, colorful produce, artisan producst and funky veggies and fruit you’ve never seen before, you might also discover the odd PRODUCE GUY, caps intended, of the mad-scientist variety. With his own greenhouse and parapenalia just waiting to either scare you and your tastebuds away or jump-start you and your winter-hibernating tastebuds into a madcap tapdance at a moments notice.

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GW2 Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Lamb with Apricots and Spiced Rice

Rosemary-Garlic-Roasted-Lamb-Plums-Spiced-Rice-4Time for the edible version of a one size fits all sort of deal… One base idea fits all tastes and seasons, to be precise~! Dark gamey meat, stone fruit and my favorite type of rice base: a spiced, slightly middle eastern number my grandma used to make when I was a kid!

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Leek & Wild Mushroom Soup with Venison Meatballs

Leek-Wild-Mushroom-Soup-Venison-Meatballs-3Food Frenzy Holiday… ahem. Christmas ante portas! Before the feasting and button-popping may commence, I thought I’d go easy on you guys in preparation for the Holidays. Something quick and easy-breezy to cook up, light on the heavy and hip-hugging and heavy on the light, lean yet incredibly scrumptious, healthy and nutritious stuff your body might need to get you through the following week unscathed~

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Hazelnut-Crusted Venison & Spiced Quince Salad

Hazelnut-Crusted-Venison-Spiced-Quince-Salad-4Today’s dish is one of the reasons for Hubby and me to look forward to autumn after we had our fill of the summer sun each year – at least from a foodie’s point of view. As soon as quince season swings by some time between mid-September and early October, this is one of the first dishes on our dinner table to celebrate the occasion!

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Boar Bourginion with Quinces and Chestnuts

boar-bourginion-quinces-chestnuts-3As you guys may have already gathered from my general step-back from most things in the “sweets” department, sweet wines aren’t exactly my cup of… well, glass of wine I suppose! either. But, with the winter festivities not that far behind us, of course there are still some remnants and strays lingering around my pantry. Like, for example, a bottle of semi-sweet Burgundy Pinot Noir Hubby’s Grandmother gave to us – according to her, her favorite late-night “Sip-let” before bed.

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Venison Steaks with Chestnut, Black Cherry & Chanterelle Ragout

Venison-Steaks-Chestnut-Cherry-Chanterelle-Ragout-1By now, you guys probably know my love for all things venison. Lean, healthy, extremely versatile and despite – or because of – the gamey aromas, absolutely yumtastic in combination with a large variety of fruit and nuts… what’s not to love about it~? I realize that, if you’re not living in a foresty region, any kind of wild game might be a rare and therefore expensive sight in your butcher’s display.

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GW2 Venison Fillets, Cowberry Sauce and Chestnut Gnocchi

venison-filet-chestnut-gnocchi-cowberry-sauce-5As usual, when there’s a new event, festival or chapter of the living story sending the adventuring lives of Tyia’s citizens spinning, hubby and I all but lock ourselves in and enjoy a proper gaming-spree. Our adventures through “A Crack in the Ice” however was rudely interrupted by me running off like a headless chicken, sent on a delicious mission by the Winterberry Bushes dotting the Bitterfrost Frontier and the related “Steak and Winterberry” recipe a friendly Quaggan sold us to go right with the freshly harvested berries.

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Venison Saltimbocca, Ume Plum and Chocolate Sauce & Savory Tiramisu

venison-saltimbocca-ume-and-chocolate-sauce-and-savory-tiramisu-1All right, time to crank up the heat~ I know the name of this dish might have a slightly absurd ring to it, but believe me, seemingly outrageous combination aside, the components work deliciously well together! A savory Tiramisu like this crossed my path for the first time during a school excursion some odd years ago. The combination with a slow-smoked-and-braised wild boar seemed so insane, I just had to try it… not just because a classmate dared me to order it and promised to pay for it if I cleared the plate!

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Butter-Poached Venison, Camembert Truffles and Lamb’s Lettuce with Walnut Vinaigrette

Butter-Poached-Venison-Salad-2Every once in a while my grandaunt invites hubby and me to lunch. Last time we picked her up we found all of the streets in and out of town completely jammed – where did all those people come from in a time frame of about 15 minutes? Trying to circle back to her house we drove by a street sign flashing the name of a nearby town and I remembered a cute little restaurant, specializing in serving several types and cuts of meat on a hot stone, sitting nestled between the medieval city walls and the towns roman ruins.

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