Off the Grid~

Hiya Folks ♥

It’s time! Time for hubby and me to go on vacation~ Starting tomorrow, we will spend a whole week enjoying ourselves on the beautiful island of Madeira, taking in as much of the stunning landscapes, rich history and delicious portugese food as we can possibly manage! So, for once, I will not be adding new recipes on wednesday and the following sunday – time for you guys to catch up and mentally prepare yourselves for the – hopefully…? most likely! – bulging bags of new ideas I will be bringing back home with me~

So, no worries if you don’t see something new pop up here until Oct. 5th – I will be back~!

If, however, you don’t see my Cedri-Lemon Special Part #2 pop up around the usual time… Did you know that the Madeiran Airport is one of the favourite Worst Case Scenarios during Simulator Flight Training for airlines all across the globe? *gulp* No, no. No! I love to fly and a nightmarish runway on stilts cozying up to a huge cliff will not give me the creeps! Huzzah!

See you soon~!


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