NK’s First Anniversary has come~!

Hiya guys~!

I can’t really believe a whole year has passed already, but after a quick confirmation-glance at my calendar, I’m proud to announce:
Exactly one year ago, on March 26, 2016, I hit the “publish” button on Nahdala’s Kitchen~!

And what a year it has been! Filled with countless rounds in the kitchen, delicious meals, some hilarious food-related incidents and lessons and, all in all, a smashin good time! Add to that the shere joy of sharing my adventures with you guys and you’ve got me sitting here, in front of my screen with a huge smile on my face~!

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank you guys for all the support you’ve given me over the past year – and I promise I’ll do my best to keep up and excel at my work for a very long time to come – hopefully, providing you with a source of inspiration, smiles and yumtastic meals~!

Hubby and I both learned and improved a lot during this first year of blog-work – be it in the art of photography hubby has delved into, or in the kitchen-area of things on my part. Some things just take some time to grow into, I guess~ Thanks for bearing with me! Blog-related things to be improved also have become evident, so prepare yourselves for a couple of improvements and changes on NK in the near future~!

For one, I’ll be adding cheat-sheet-style print versions for all recipes. I’ll  also try and organize my basic 101’s and the tidbits of foodology scattered throughout my recipes in some form of database or comfort-access category of sorts, to improve on the, as hubby put it, “Readability” of my posts while still providing an easy access to those infos to those of you who would like to know more.
Working out all those things will take me a bit more time than writing up two posts per week would allow, so, for a while, I’ll have to restrain myself – so many yummies to share! ahrg! – and limit my writing-sprees to one post per week. Wednesday’s the day from now on, for both the nerdy gaming personality stuck inside my head and the slightly unhinged rest of myself~

So, to sum it up: Thank you, thank you thank you guys! It’s been one hell of a ride and it’s going to continue for a long and delicious time to come~! Cheers~!



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